How to Get Good Real Estate Leads – Episode 26

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“Welcome to another episode of Jim Talks”

Tonight I wanna talk about qualifying leads and how good are your leads.

One thing I hear all the time is, the leads people are getting on their online marketing to use the technical term, their leads sucks.

The problem is, first of all, a lot of these lead generators don’t do any qualifying. What they’ll do is they’ll put up something like a landing page that says ” Get my house evaluation” or ” Get your free home evaluation” or ” How much is your home worth”.

What they do is just run a bunch of ads, some Google AdWords and even Facebook Ads. They just drive some traffic to that. So naturally, a lot of people that just curious, they just want to try something out. Then to do that, they need the address. Then what happens after they give the address, they’ll get a phone number.

What a lot of people, a lot of the systems do they don’t even give them a home evaluation because if they did that, there’d be just too much work for you to do, to be able to keep up with all the requests.

The game that they’re playing is they call them and they say “Oh I need more information,
I am in the middle of doing your assessment of what your house is worth”.

And all that, it’s actually not a bad system. But the problem is most of those people like I would say 99% out of 100%, they’re not really in the market. That’s what causes the problem with the leads being crap. Alternatively, what you could do is when you generate leads is you want to build up a relationship first.

With Facebook, it’s very easy to go out and run Ads and then what you do is you send them, and you provide them value.

So yes, a home evaluation is a value, but you have to know how to do it. Maybe one of the things you do in addition to providing home evaluations or instead of providing a home evaluation is you give them a nice guide.

One of the things you can do is you could write a book or an e-book. Or report on how to get your home ready or how to sell your home for top dollar in a blank, meaning in your area. So that’s other things.

Number 1 is you want to provide value and by doing so, these people are going to stick around and so you’re creating a relationship. And you shouldn’t be expecting that you’re going to close these people right away. A lot of these people are just in the ballpark or just in, not even in the ballgame yet.

They’re just sort of tired kicking, looking for some information. I am talking about buyer sellers here, I would never ever advertise for buyers because I think it’s a waste of time.

When you’re advertising looking for sellers, you’re getting a seller plus you’re also getting a buyer. And I’ve said that many times because most of these sellers will eventually become buyers. So the other thing you want to do is number 1, you want to provide value number and you want to build that relationship over time.

Number 2 is you want to make sure that you have a good email campaign in place, and so that you’re nurturing those leads over time. That is not just the first time they’re hearing from you and you’re providing content ongoing and consistency.

Another thing you can do is when trying to find these leads is you want to qualify them. There’s a number of ways to qualify them. One of the easiest ways is online or on your website, or in your lead capture page when they come to the page, based on the ad you’re going to qualify them right there.

One of the things I used to do is I’d say ” Okay, lot’s of houses are set for sale”, for example, come here for your free list of homes and I used to do a rent-to-own program, but then when I got there, I’d get them teeth list or give you a name and address. But then if they wanted that list, they had to further give me information about them. And so they would give me their income, their information and I would cattle collect a lot of that information.

Just by the fact that you’re asking and if people aren’t interested in giving you additional information, they’re probably not a good lead and don’t worry about losing these leads because you have at least their email and their name, so you could put them in a drip campaign that you’re going to follow up using your emails, follow up solutions.

What you want to do then is you continue to qualify them, continue to provide value, so when it’s time to call them, and by the way, most of these leads are going to call you.

You’ve really got better-qualified leads. The reason why people are complaining that they are getting a lot of crap leads on the internet. Again, they’re not willing to put in the work
and all they’re doing is they’re buying these leads from some company for $100 or $200.

To get good and qualified leads takes a lot of time and effort. And you got to put in the work to get the reason with the return that you want.

Again, you can get excellent leads on the internet and excellent leads specifically by using Facebook Ads and the way to make sure that they are better leads is to make sure it is to qualify them as much as possible before you get them on the phone. And when I say good leads, it’s still not gonna be 100% or 90%, you’re gonna take you leads for maybe 10% up to 50-60% which is still pretty good.

So that’s what I wanted to talk about tonight, about qualifying your leads or getting good leads from the internet.

Thanks very much, and have a good night!

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