Internet Marketing is Hard and Requires Effort? Episode 23

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Today I wanted to talk about advertising and specifically how advertising is heard.

I was just talking to someone today and he was asking me why his Ads weren’t performing, and I was looking at his Ad and he hadn’t really done much.

He has taken and posted nice video, and just posted it on Facebook, and he told me has a big audience yet he wasn’t getting any kind of return or any kinds of leads from it.

But first of all, it is probably the easiest way is not a very active way to post an Ads or to try to run Facebook Ads. What he had done is to just post a video and just boosted it.

There’s a lot of work that goes into internet marketing specifically, in this case, is Facebook Ads. You can’t just post something up there and expect it to work.
You have to monitor it, play around with it, it requires a lot of things.

In the way Facebook Ads works, is you create something called the Campaign, then what you can do within a Campaign is you put an Ads set.

What Ads set does is it allows you to post multiple Ads withing that Ads set. Or what you can do is to create multiple Ads set.

I am going into more detail here, but I am trying to get to is ultimate, what you wanted to do is, you wanted to have two-three or four or five Ads running at the same time where you can test multiple components over time, multiple pieces of your Ads.

For example, what I just did is I just put up an Ads, where I tested 3 different pictures on the Ads. For example, the ads are something about trying to get their attention and the content of the ad is about ” Free Marketing and Consultation”. So what I did is put up the Ads and added three pictures to see which one would convert the best.

Also, there’s a number of things you wanted to do for testing. There are some headlines you can test, copy in the Ads, the pictures, landing pages once it goes to.

Internet marketing is heard or at least it requires a bit of education, it requires quite a bit of monitoring and requires a bit of change to see how these Ads are going.

It is interesting to find my phone giving me a better resolution than my camera.

Anyway, what you wanted to do is, for example, post those 3 Ads, then look at those 3 different versions of the same Ads, and I’ll look at those tomorrow and I’ll see which one of those 3 pictures convert the best.

Then I’ll look at that, then maybe I can make a modification to the headline, and see if there’s a better way to track people with the different headlines or a modified headline, then I’ll test that over a day or two.

You need to test this. And this is typically what happens is, you go into an Ads Campaign, the first month should be about finding out what works for your audience. What works for your area, what works for your offering.

Again, if you are looking at, depending on your nation, or what you are trying to work with sellers or buyers in high-end first-time buyers or high-end home sellers. Whatever your niches are. It is a whole different audience.

Another component of the Facebook Ads is picking your audience, and you can really narrow it down with what type of person you wanted to target.

In Facebook, for example, you can go down to there income, their job titles, location, so it really helps target your audience that goes back to what I have been saying all along is, if you wanted to do good in marketing, or if you really wanted to market well, you have to really define your niche from the very start.

So don’t get the idea that online marketing doesn’t work. It requires activity to monitor it and to keep on top of it to make sure it’s working the way you wanted to work and that takes time.

I know a lot of people saying, you know Facebook ads don’t work or I tried and it doesn’t work. I do all my advertising, or I get all my leads through networking. I don’t need to do online marketing, a lot of word of mouth.

But even if you’re getting all these leads from networking and word of mouth, it doesn’t make sense that you would want to do online marketing to bring in more leads, to bring in more business.

With that being said of course, if you’re comfortable with the number of deals you’re doing, but if you are looking at being a top realtor in your area, where you’re gonna get to point where you want, to get 50+ deals a year, you really have to figure out how to scale these.

And I know, to scale something through word of mouth it would take a long time to get these same kinds of rates that you could be using online marketing.

So that concludes my talk for tonight, and I just wanted to let you know that if you wanted to do internet marketing properly, it is a lot of work, requires a lot of time and effort. It just requires a bit of diligence and patience.

Thanks very much, and have a good day!

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