Join the 50 Deals a Year Club – Episode 25

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“Welcome to Jim’s talk Episode 25”

Today I wanna talk about the 50 deal club.I’m looking for a few good men and woman realtors to join the 50 deal club.

What the 50 deal club is this is going to be something that we’re gonna be working on to get you to were you are doing 50 deals per year.

For some people you are already there so I mean this is doesn’t make sense or maybe you wanna go to 50 more deals, either way, the idea is your gonna be able to do 50 where gonna get you to the point where you can do 50 deals in a year, not 50 ends whether its buyers or sellers.

What I’m gonna do this a few steps to this first thing I wanna do is send me your information and I wanna go and I wanna do an assessment of where you were today meaning I wanna look at your website.

The second thing that will do is will set up an appointment. We will set up a consultation and we’ll go through everything that you are doing and talk about where we can take you.

So that will be a half an hour to 45 minutes maybe an hour says it depends on how much information you want. I’m actually gonna tell you what you should be doing and you can take with that you can take that and run with the line on your own if you want if you feel you want to do that I don’t have a problem there.

Here’s what I’m looking for somebody with three things.

The first thing is I want somebody with the right attitude. That is they know that they can do this that there not just gonna be another a person out there, another realtor.

I want somebody dedicated to being a top realtor in their area, I want somebody that’s really going to a to have the mental preparation to be able to start from where they are and know that they could become the top realtor in their area.

Number 2 is a commitment.

I want somebody that’s gonna put on the effort and that means I want somebody whos gonna go out there meet the people, cause part of the marketing part of what I’m doing or part what will be doing for you is generating the leads.

This is not something where you take the nights off and the weekends off.

This is something where you know that you are going to be the top realtor in your willing to put the effort, so there a big commitment.

And third is you know how to close deals.

So I need somebody whos a good closer, I can’t put in on this marketing a and then come back to find that you can’t close these people.

So part of a that is an either you know you can close people or you are confident that you can close people and you just need the leads.

I’m not gonna be a lead generation company. I’m very interested in growing your business.

So I’m gonna dedicate my self and my team to making sure that you are going to become a top realtor in your area and it’s different for everybody, it’s different for all the areas because there’s different competition, there’s a different keyword, there’s a different housing type, there’s a different price point’s for the advertising, so will go in
where gonna asses all that. So I wanna make sure that you are closing.

Then the fourth thing I guess I’m gonna add one here is I need you with somebody with experience.

This is not somebody for something for somebody just starting out. Unless she could convince me that you know you have the right a combination of everything I already mention and then you think that you can make that go, then we can talk.

But I am really looking for somebody who has 4,5 or 10 years’ experience, that’s gonna do a fair good size client base. Because you have to be able to afford this.

So what we’re gonna do, well start with the entry program, and we can talk about what that entails. But it’s really gonna be based on either fixed or either paid advertising or social or SEO.

Most likely, for most people, it’s gonna be paid advertising, if you listened to any of my previous videos, paid advertising to get you the leads, the quickest.

We’ll look at growing the business, so ideally with the right audience, with the right creative, with the right target, we should be able to be getting you up to your 1, 2 or 3 leads within a couple of months per month.

The slowly growing to the point where we can get you those 50 leads.

So that’s what we would do, then as we grow, as you scale that, yes there’s gonna be some additional cost. But we started out with the entry program, but we only grow your business when you can afford it.

So we’re gonna look at everything, we’re not just trying to sell you stuff here. We want to work, look very closely with you.

It’s like I’m in a marketing business coach. I mean, I’ve been doing this a while, for over 25 years off and on. I had a very strong real estate business. I’ve had over 60 properties portfolio at once.

If you’ree interested, visit my website for a free evaluation or a consultation and let’s get started.

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Jim is the owner and founder of Peller Media Digital Marketing. He has been running businesses for over 20 years. He has raised millions of dollars using various online marketing techniques. He is the author of 4 books.

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