Realtors: What’s the Best Lead Magnet Realtors Should Use – Episode 28

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“Welcome to Jim Talks Episode 29”

Today, I want to talk a bit about lead magnets specifically for real estate.

A lot of people are looking at handing out a similar report. There’s a lot of lead magnets as a real estate and there’s a lot of leads trying to accumulate leads by offering lead magnets.

Let me start with buyers, the most popular buyer’s site are the most popular lead magnet and it’s not even a lead magnet is you go to a site you and search for your home in this area.

Then what happens once they do a search you’ll say ” Hey! how would you like to continue to get a list of homes in that area”. And most people will put them on a list and trickle up and trickle to them with a list of or every time a home becomes available in that area.

It’s not a very strong lead magnet. It doesn’t compel people to actually give up an email and their phone number.

The other audience is when trying to entice buyers to give their email address, the lead magnet that most people are giving up to entice buyers is a free home evaluation or free home valuation.

Again this is a similar thing they’ll type in their address and then what happens is a realtor will try to follow up with them and say they need more information.

So buyers and sellers have caught on and they’re not open to those lead magnets as much as they were before.

The key with the lead magnet is, it really has to provide good value. You really have to think outside the box here and what would somebody be looking for.

For example in the case of a seller and I would focus most of my effort on looking for sellers.

A good lead magnet for a seller is how to prepare your home for sale to maximize the price that you would get for example, in a specific area. In fact, I would actually have the lead magnet.

Let’s say you’re selling homes in Las Vegas. So how to prepare your home to get the maximum price in Las Vegas or how to prepare your Las Vegas to make sure you get your maximum price.

So you want to be very specific, you want to be on that niche. Now don’t try to make a generic, so it’s just how to get your house ready.

That’s a good lead magnet and how you present that could be in a number of different ways.

Number 1 is the content and number 2 is you want to be very specific, number 3 thing you want to do in creating lead magnet is you want to look at how you deliver that.

You want to make it something that’s consumable or they can consume very quickly. You don’t want to be like a 20 or 30-page document that they have to do with checklists and things they have to do.

They want to be able to consume that lead magnet fairly quickly. So one of the things you could do is you could break it up. So maybe, you want to offer this as an email course over a period of two or three weeks.

You know you could say you know the seven or ten steps to do to prepare your home to get the maximum price for that home in Las Vegas.

Then what you would do is you would have many steps and you would send them as one of those steps every two or three or four days or maybe make it a week.

I mean, I wouldn’t go that much longer as a week in real estate or maybe you wold, depending on the market and depending on how active your market is.

It’s something you’re gonna have to judge. One of the things you could do is you could offer an email.

The other thing is you could do is you could have a seminar or a webinar, so you could invite people to the webinar and you could have that pre-recorded and so that they would go to the webinar and they would see your information on how to prepare your home for sale to get the maximum price for that home in Las Vegas.

You could create a PDFreport, but if you’re going to create a PDF report or white paper, again you don’t want to make it that long that it’s not too hard to consume.

What you could do is you could actually create a user PowerPoint to create a slide deck with 10 or 15 pages where each one of the pages has stepped on it and then you could save that to a PDF and those look more concise, more easily consumable. So that’s one of the other ways.

Another way or format you could use a checklist, so you could have the 21 things you need to do or the 50 things you need to do checklist because of they’re so quick and they’re short because they’re not providing a lot of content.

They’re just a checklist, you could have you know a higher number of steps whereas if you’re talking about a PDF or a report or a webinar you’d want to make it fewer steps and you can just combine all those other hierarchies of steps.

And the last thing is a video or video series. Similar to an email course you can send or you could do a video and then you could send out subsequent video and you could send out six or seven videos in that series.

So keep in mind, when you’re creating a lead magnet. Number one it has to provide value. Number two it should be very specific to your audience to your niche and number three is decide on the platform you want so that people are able to consume it where they want to consume it.

That’s what I want to talk about tonight and have fun creating your lead magnet to be able to bring in lots of leads.

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