SEO is Very Expensive and Takes Time to See Good Results – Episode 24

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A lot of people think that running paid advertising that is Google Adwords Facebook Ads is expensive

When you look at the cost overall it’s actually quite cheap. A lot of the other activities seem that they’re cheaper, or that turned out expensive but in fact, they do cost a lot more.

For example, Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it looks like it’s cheap because of your writing articles. It will gonna take a long time, I mean SEO to done properly it requires you to write a lot of medium to long-form blog forms. And that could be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 words over a long period and that could be anywhere from 6 to 9 months.

Studies show that for Google to be able to start traversing your pages to the point where it starts giving you a higher ranking it takes quite a while.

So, I am not saying you should be doing an SEO, in fact, SEO should be part of your long terms strategy, but it does take a long time and it’s expensive.

You can hire somebody to do that which will make it more expensive which you should do anyway.

So don’t think of SEO as you’re out there writing articles and you think that you’re gonna do that for a year and eventually, traffic is going come to you.

Now mind you, you can do that while you’re working on some of your other strategies.

And the other strategies you should be focusing on are very short term strategies.

The short term strategies I talked about are paid to advertise such as Google Adwords and of course running paid social ads, specifically Facebook Ads.

The nice thing about these things is not only they are immediate in the sense that they can give you leads right away, but you can also play with these things. You look at them, you can study them and you can make changes on the fly.

For example, you can set up an AdWords campaign and Facebook Campaign, what you can do is you can monitor it over a couple of days and see how it well is performing.

By monitoring, I mean you want to look at the results you’re getting, you want to look at who’s converting.

And there are several things you can do, several variables you can set up. And the nice thing about these things short term campaigns is you can run it pretty cheap.

For example, what I could recommend initially is running a campaign and running some AB split, meaning you can have 2 or 3 or 5 variations.

What I would do is specifically on a Facebook Campaign and I just set one up is I would set up a campaign with a specific goal in mind and with a specific lead magnet.

For example, I have a video out there that show realtors “How to Get Leads in 24 Hours” and what I did is I set up 4 different ads with 4 different ads, the content in the ad, the copy in the ad was basically the same but what I did is I went out and created 4 different images so these ads are going to appear at the same time but they’re going to be delivered to different people within my audience.

And I’ve set up an audience where I can target realtors specifically and the way you do that on Facebook it’s very easy, you just specify their job title so anybody with the title realtor, anybody in the area that I am targeting.

Then what I do is I run these ads for $5 a day, multiply the four ads that are $20 a day run those a couple of days. I spent 40, 60, 80 maybe $100. And what I’ve got is a very good feel for, if the ads are gonna work or not. And if they don’t or if one of them works better than the other then what I’ll do is I’ll play around with the images again, or I’ll play around with the copy.

But usually within 3 – 4 weeks you should have a very good idea of an ad that you can run that will convert or actually bring you in leads and that will start generating you money from your sales.

First of all, you’re not sure if you’ve got the right content, there is quite a trick to SEO in the sense that you have to have the keyword, you have to have the articles that you’re writing. Optimize properly for those keywords.

SEO is probably the most expensive things you can do, to generate leads just because it takes the longest and you don’t know what’s happening over the long term but if you do it right and if it kicks in properly over the 6-9 months, it definitely will generate a lot of leads for you.

And ultimately, you can turn off the paid advertising, although that I think goes to a different market, so I wouldn’t recommend turning that off.

Ideally, you want to have short term leads with your paid traffic, your Facebook ads and your Google AdWords. And you wanted to have long term traffic with your SEO.

So that’s my Jim talk for tonight. Thanks, everyone, and goodnight.

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