You Can Get Everything You Want in Life You Just Help Enough People Get What They Want – Episode 27

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“Everyone welcome to Jim talks.”

I seem to be doing a lot of these cart talks in the car recently. So maybe I should rename these Jim car talks

Anyway today I want to talk about something but I remember hearing quite a bit from our famous friend Zig Ziglar.

“You can get what you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.”

In real estate, that’s never truer. What happens is to be successful in real estate, you really have to understand your customer.

It’s all about going out and working with your customers. Understanding the requirements and figure out how to best address those requirements.

For example, if you’re working with the client and they say they want a two-bedroom home with x number of bathrooms and with location, it’s really zero and at pinpointing what they wanted understanding their needs because for example, maybe their requirements are for those types of homes in different neighborhoods and they’re just don’t exist, or their price point.

So it’s’ looking at all those variables, those things that are driving what the customers looking for and then putting together a plan to try to go out and achieve that.

Then the reverse engineering that helps you also figure out how to build your niche or how to establish your niche, because if you’re helping somebody with a particular type of home, or particular neighborhood or different things where you have to specialize.

That now becomes may become your specialty or your niche. So maybe, your specialty is all of a sudden becomes helping first-time home buyers. Or somebody looking for a high-end home in this neighborhood.

And so you do a bunch of research on that neighboorhood. Now you become an expert in that neighborhood or become an expert in those high-end homes.

It depends on what it is exactly what you’re drilling down on, but by getting into the market and understanding the market, the market always wins. So if there’s no home out there to satisfy the needs or the person trying to sell their home and trying to get that price.

So from looking at it from a seller’s perspective, you want to be able to help that seller sell their home. You can’t tell and get a seller to sell their home for a half a million dollars, even though that’s what they want in an area where those houses are only going for four hundred thousand dollars.

It has to be a real achievement for you and for your customers.

Again, the key there is understanding what it is that your customer wants, then working with those customers to get that.

And then what happens to is once you become known for that helping that person out, and there is a big difference from somebody who just takes a listing and for somebody who really works with their client help them achieve their goal, help them sell their home or to help them buy that home because what happens now is they’re gonna tell people.

And the other thing is once they tell people, then they’re gonna tell other people. So you’re gonna grow your reputation, you’re gonna get a lot of business through word of mouth.

And here’s the flipside of that, you know what happens is if you don’t treat your customer right, if you don’t help them get what they want if you don’t really understand what it is they’re wanting, they’re gonna tell people too.

So you’re gonna get to just as much bad reputation as you’re gonna get just as much coverage from work that you do, that your client considers being bad as you are from your clients who consider your work to be good.

They say, there’s no such thing as bad press, well thinking real estate there definitely is. Because you want that word of mouth reputation, you want to be able to build your brand. You want to be able to get that expertise at a specialty.

So again going back to our original theme, you can get what you want in life, “If you help other people get what they want in life”.

As you help that person or an individual, get that home or high-end home in a high-end neighborhood, they’re gonna tell the people, they will be able to relate to other people the success they had by working with you.

How well you treated them, how well your marketing was. That’s the other thing, so you’re gonna able to get testimonials.

There’s a lot of spin-off activity that’s going to come as a result of understanding your client and helping establish yourself in that specialty or in that domain and helping people achieve what they want.

So that’s my Jim talk or thought for the day.

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